Quarterly from October 2022 we are starting to re-issue our complete 415-issue run of journals dating back to 1960. Titled The Dean Martin Association Journals, this part-work is a long-term project.

In 2019, we had originally considered embarking on reprinting them, instead settling on a ‘best of’ with For The Good Times – The Dean Martin Compendium (buy – US) (buy – UK). Due to the unexpected success of that 2021 publication and the interest from readers both young and old in our continued work as ambassadors to Dino’s life and career, we have decided to go back to our roots and, with the team at Memory Hive Productions, re-release the newsletters in omnibus editions.

From day one we were a news and information service, so that’s predominantly the format that you’ll see throughout The Dean Martin Association Journals, offering both a fascinating glimpse into the development of a society dedicated to a Hollywood icon and a set of contemporary accounts of that icon’s career “as it happened”.

The journals will be available quarterly from October 2022 in A4 saddle-stitch format or, for the serious collector, as extremely limited, individually-numbered hardbacks. We have no plans at this time to release electronic versions.

We will shortly be adding a link from where you can buy the part-work – so please keep checking back. They will be exclusively available from Memory Hive.

PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU PURCHASE: The material featured in these volumes dates back across some seven decades. The master documents, from which high-quality scans have been taken, vary in printing quality due to the duplication methods used throughout the 1960s. We must therefore point out that some of the reproductions within are difficult to read clearly in parts but we have included them in any case to make this part-work comprehensive as an historical record. We have also had to remove personal/contact details of some organizations mentioned in and of some of the subscribers to the original newsletters, so on occasion there are passages of text blanked out or cropped from time to time. Please only purchase these volumes on this understanding, as no refunds or returns will be accepted.

For those of you who were with us in our heyday, we hope this will be a journey of remembrance. For those just joining us, welcome our world…won’t you come on in…