Who We Are

Founded in 1960, we are proud to be the the first official organisation dedicated to DEAN MARTIN in the world. We are non-profit.

Our Chairperson until his sad death in December 1995, Dean personally sanctioned the creation of the Association nearly 60 years ago, enabling us to promote his career and honor his talent as one of the world’s greatest entertainers.

Dean kept close contact with us and co-founder BERNARD H THORPE over the 35 years he knew us, giving us a unique insight into this otherwise elusive figure.

Dean was the driving force behind the formation of what eventually became the Dean Martin Association and he maintained close contact with us over the years.

ELLIOT THORPE, Bernard’s only son, takes an instrumental role in the continuation of the DMA, that exists now solely as a non-profit web presence, becoming our Association President in 2017.

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